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Does Australia Have A Sex Offender Registry Article

Why Consider a Study Abroad Program in Australia, New Zealand Or the South Pacific?
By Susan Slobac

The experience of studying overseas is rife with opportunities for academic and personal development. To garner the greatest results from the experience, though, it's important to select a university with strong academic credentials and a competitive course of study.
Whether your preference is to study in Australia, New Zealand or Fiji, the university systems of this region more than meet these requirements. Additionally, there are many study abroad programs from which to choose. Students may decide to study in New Zealand or other locations for a shorter-term summer program, a semester, a year or even for the duration of a full degree program. For those seeking to round their academic qualifications even more, there are even internship programs from which to choose. The wide selection of programs makes it easy to meet almost any academic or scheduling goals.
What Are the Benefits of Studying in Australia, New Zealand or Fiji?
Most study abroad programs share basic benefits. These programs are a distinctive addition to college applications and resumes. Electing to study in New Zealand, Australia or Fiji carries these additional benefits for students:
•Exposure to a rich and diverse culture - Classroom experience as well as downtime in a study abroad program provides numerous opportunities to experience diverse cultures, traditions and social norms. In addition, the cultures and history of these nations share similarities with that found in North America. As a result, students gain the cultural insight afforded by international travel while enjoying the commonalities of our shared heritage. Students studying in Australia or throughout the South Pacific obtain a broadened perspective on the world as well as a more grounded perspective of their place in it.
•Outstanding educational opportunities-The region boasts internationally recognized degree programs and a world class university system. Students enrolling in australearn Programs study abroad program in Australia, New Zealand or Fiji are privy to some of the finest courses of study in an established, respected academic setting.
•No language obstacles -- Since English is the predominant language in the region, extensive language study is not a prerequisite of study in Australia, New Zealand or Fiji. Classes are taught in English, and coursework and testing is done in English. Students are free to focus on soaking up the experience rather than worry about the accuracy of translating it.
•Breathtaking surroundings - One of the more striking benefits of choosing to study in New Zealand, Australia or Fiji is exposure to some of the most unique surroundings on the planet. Whether you are drawn to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, volcanoes in New Zealand or the pristine landscapes of Fiji, the region offers students the finest of educations in an unforgettable setting.
Susan Slobac advises australearn college students on study abroad opportunities in australearn Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.
Susan_Slobac Susan_Slobac

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