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Rugby World Cup 2007 By Derek Robson

France are to host this year's Rugby World Cup Final and the contest kicks off in St. Denis, on the 7th of September and finishes with the final, also in St. Denis, on the 20th of October. Obviously, apart from the quarter finals, the semi finals and the finals, each team plays 4 matches. These matches are determined, by means of a draw. The rugby playing nations total 20 this year and are divided into 4 pools, of 5 teams each. The top contestants are New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and England, but in with a chance, are others such as Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Argentina.
Some typically non rugby playing nations, such as Japan, Canada and the US also enter thispetition, but as game as they are, they are no match for the top teams. Typically, as with most sports these days, the bookmakers and the punters are actively involved and large bets are placed.
One area of concern this year, is the standard of refereeing. We have seen over the past few months, some questionable decisions. This has been apparent in the recent Super 14, the Tri Nations and in several test matches. Let's hope, that the world Cup is decided by the best team on the day and not by some poor refereeing decisions. There does not seem to be any consistency between refs, of the different countries and their individual interpretations of the rules. Further confusion has been evident, due to the new rules and some teams have learnt to exploit these loopholes to perfection.
This year's group pools are as follows.
Group A: England, South Africa, Samoa, Tonga, USA
Group B: Australia, Canada, Fiji, Japan, Wales
Group C: Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Scotland
Group D: Argentina, France, Georgia, Ireland, Namibia
Latest betting odds are:
New Zealand - 2/5
South Africa - 5/1
France, Australia - 10/1
Ireland - 14/1
England - 33/1
Argentina, Wales - 50/1
Scotland - 200/1
Italy - 500/1
Samoa, Fiji - 1000/1
Tonga, - 2000/1
Romania, Japan, USA, Canada, Namibia, Portugal, Georgia - 5000/1
Previous winners:
1987 - New Zealand
1991 - Australia
1995 - South Africa
1999 - Australia
2003 - England
The idea of having a world rugbypletion, was first borne in the early 1980s, but it was 1983 before the International Rugby Board approached Australia and New Zealand, to do a feasibility study and at the IRB meeting of 1985, it was decided to go ahead with the tournament. The date had to be carefully selected, so as not to clash with other sports tournaments, such as the Olympics. The first World Cup was held in Australia and New Zealand, in May and June of 1987.
A fantastic gold trophy was procured from Garrards, in London and was named the William Webb Ellis Cup. At this stage, there were only 16peting teams and South Africa was barred, due to the apartheid era. New Zealand beat France 29 - 9 in the first finals, to become the first World Cup holders.
The tournament was set to be held every 4 years and the next champions were Australia, who beat England in the playoffs, in 1991. By 1995, South Africa had changed government and re-entered the sporting world stage. They won the bid to host the tournament and it was the first time, that the entire contest was held in just 1 country. South Africa beat New Zealand 15 - 12, in extended play of the finals and became the 3rd country to win the cup.
Other countries joined in and in 1999 Australia were made world champs and in 2003 England were crowned kings. England are the defending champions. There are now 20peting countries, officially entered, in this years contest.
Get a free fixture list and scoresheet for the World Cup here:dersalsites southafricanbusiness/rugby-world-cup-2007/ dersalsites southafricanbusiness/rugby-world-cup-2007/
Derek Robson is an up anding, South African internet marketer, with a vision of empowering all fellow South Africans and non U.S folk, to have equal opportunity and success on the internet. He and his wife Sally have started a string of sites, resources, courses and articles, as part of Dersalsites.
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